Tripod Stand Multi-function Selfie Bar With Fill-In Light


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Tripod Stand Multi-function Selfie Bar With Fill-In Light 

All in One Extendable Phone Tripod Stand with Bluetooth Remote 360° Rotation for iPhone and Android Phone Selfies, Video Recording, Vlogging, Live Streaming

Up to 28'' with adjustable rods, this bluetooth selfie bar lets you capture broader views while recording or taking pictures, ideal for family gathering, parties and vlogging.

  • Our selfie stick comes with a pocket-sized detachable Bluetooth remote control with built-in replacement batteries. With up to 10 meters of remote control, you can take full control of your photos remotely. Use the wireless remote control to capture photos at your fingertips, compatible with iPhone and Android devices without downloading apps.
  • This long phone selfie stick has a large tripod base with three non-slip silicone pads on the feet, which gives good holding grip.
  • Made of high quality grade aluminium alloy, this upgraded tall phone tripod is high quality and built to last.The universal phone holder is retractable and fits all cell phone which and compatible with iPhone, works for Samsung etc.
  • The phone mount can rotate 360 degrees, while the neck of the joystick can rotate 230 degrees. This gives you the possibility to adjust the tool for different occasions, and you can rotate the selfie stick to select horizontal or vertical shooting modes to get the best angle for your photos. The sturdiness of this device allows you to FaceTime images and videos with your family without experiencing any shaking.
  • After being folded, the cell phone tripod stand is only 6 inches, so it can be easily packed in your bag, backpack or suitcase without taking up more space. Compact size makes the phone tripod a perfect choice for traveling, hiking or camping.

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